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Why being prolife scan non linear diagnostic system is a surprisingly good idea

What is  prolife scan non linear diagnostic system?

non linear pipeline state diagram

non linear pipeline state diagram


What is Prolife scan non linear diagnostic system?-Prolife scan non linear diagnostic system works through the electromagnetic vibrations of very low frequency, which can transmit information in the human brain, bypassing the usual senses. Prolife scan non linear diagnostic system method allows the evaluation of the state of bio-energy of each organ individually. The results can be obtained in the form of visual images with the topography of the affected area, as well as graphical features, which allow us to analyze distress to body tissue. This displays the increased accuracy of potential injury (inflammation or degenerative tissue) and to help identify possible stress. Research is conducted by resonance amplification of non-damaging radiation to the studied organ and then recovery of evidence via a non-contact method, by using trigger sensors.

prolife scan non linear diagnostic system
nonlinear diagnostic system
non linear pipeline state diagram

The Prolife scan non linear diagnostic system device is classified as a biofeedback device. By using a computer driven instrument in a safe, noninvasive, painless, and effective way, information is displayed about subtle changes to the body and thus, provides a means to regulate these concerns. The purpose is to help you gain control over autonomic body functions; by teaching you desired responses through learned behavior (feedback). Using this method you become more conscious of the needs of your bodily processes, through developing this technique. These techniques are achieved through behavioral and mind-body education allowing the potential to effectively find a way to control your automatic functions and lifestyle changes. The ultimate goal will be to help you increase relaxation, relieve pain, and develop healthier, more comfortable life patterns, while enhancing both the function and performance using the physiological signals of the body. The changes, and the possibilities will be up to you and the practitioner is here to help you along the way. We are dedicated to helping people restore their health, and prevent unnecessary degeneration, through the most advance technology today. With a list of over 1000 listed anatomy parts within the system (chromosomes, organs, cells., etc), detailed description of every dis-ease, virus and bacteria, suggested herbs, remedy preparation tool, Meta-therapy, and many other parts, it is simply amazing the accuracy and detail of Prolife scan non linear diagnostic system.

How to read the prolife scan non linear diagnostic system reports?

1 – Normal State
2 – Standard Condition
3 – Restricted State
4 – Serious Disorders State
5 – Weak State
6 – Abnormal Condition
(Sub-health status)

What working principle about Prolife scan non linear diagnostic system?

UMF Bucharest-Institute of Applied Psihofizica (IPP) in Omsk, Russia through official representative in Romania, QUANTUM LIFE Company LLC
Research Institute of Applied Psihofizica (IPP) from Omsk have created a system of investigation, with no analogue in the world, called Prolife scan non linear diagnostic system, which allows tracking of any conditions of the human body through the changes specific to any vibrations in the body tissue. Prolife scan non linear diagnostic system (NLS) is the most advanced information engineering of this century and can be considered the most remarkable and advantageous implementation of modern natural science. Prolife scan non linear diagnostic system diagnostic system is based on the spectral analysis of magnetic field of any biological topic. This is unique and without comparison in the world today.

Device Prolife scan non linear diagnostic system developed by PPI allows the production of a specific neurons cerebrali bioelectrical activity, which makes it possible to selectively amplify signals hard detectable statistical fluctuations, as, isolation and decoding the information which they contain. Thus the device Prolife scan non linear diagnostic system takes the “pulse” of this radiation right in place of issue to decode and display on a computer monitor where there is a virtual model of the organ represented in specific colors. Also, the software gives doctors Metapathia models a three-dimensional projection of the internal organs. The marked points through color, located on the drawing, the more precise help of pathological process. It is possible to interpret the decay process of biological structures and establish a prognosis by comparing the distribution of colored points on virtual body scan model, following the dynamics of changes over a period of time.

To be able to define pathology in a certain area, it is necessary for the investigation of deep levels until the outbreak of the disease is localized.

The fundamental principle in the development of the diagnostic system Prolife scan non linear diagnostic system was the hypothesis that the human body has an electromagnetic informational printing which is able to respond to external stimuli to electromagnets.

Where and who use prolife scan non linear diagnostic system?

How to use the Prolife scan non linear diagnostic system?-Connect the items cup link to the Prolife scan non linear diagnostic system.
Place drugs or health food into item cup (Note: unless you are a medical doctor, you are not allowed to recommend taking a patient off their medication without the consent of their doctor).
Click the organs that you wish to assess
Place the headset onto the patient
Click vegetotest in the Diacom software, enter the name of the drug or health food, and then start the test to assess out the drug or health food impact testing.
After completing the test, the results will show in the in organ diagnosis list.
Press analysis key to carry out the drug or health food analysis comparison.
On the analysis of the comparison window, select the organs that have been detected and click auto search.
The comparison window will search the organs to compare and analyze automatically.


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