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What is metatron nls?

metatron nls prix

metatron nls prix

metatron nls prix

metatron nls prix

metatron nls prix

metatron nls prix

metatron nls prix

metatron nls prix


Bioresonance is basically the interaction between the organisms and their frequency patterns that enclose or reverberate due to the movement of the organisms. Bioresonance technology works in collaboration with the Metatron nls Hunter biofeedback devices that are known as ‘brain machines’ or psycho-physical amplifiers.

What is Metatron nls Rough Diagnostic System?

The first device of its kind in the world! An informative, portable, user friendly device, to suite the medical demands of today.Developed by the Institute of Practical Psychophysics, the Metatron rough diagnostic medical device boasts world class software, capable of scanning a patient without harmful effects, producing information within a matter of minutes. Metatron’s accuracy in finding acute and chronic processes, as well as predispositions towards certain illnesses, is an outstanding 79.9%. It is the world’s smallest and portable medical diagnostic device, with enormous applications and extensive database, making it able to be used anywhere!

METATRON makes it possible to examine all body systems without exceptions in a single session

NLS Diagnostics compared with other methodologies

NLS-diagnosis 64, 4%
MRI 23, 4%

Average accuracy of diagnosis by comparing clinical research results on 5 areas: Gastroenterology, Pulmonology, Gynecology and Endocrinology.

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How metatron nls work?


Prior to purchasing a medical device, it is advisable to research precisely what is being purchased, in particular whether or not the device meets all safety requirements and accreditations from an independent body. Purchasing medical equipment carries responsibilities for the manufacturer, retailer, the buyer, and the patient. Purchasing a fake or modified device can have devastating consequences. Only purchase medical equipment from authorised retailers with medical professionals as part of their staff.

Carefully read contents of booklets, brochures and web-pages. Pay special attention to information about distributor/manufacturer of offered products. Information materials that you have must indicate name of a company, name of a responsible person from that company, legal address, contact phone numbers and electronic addresses.

When contact information is obtained of such company, communicate with the staff of this company and make sure that the company really does exist, and that they are an authorised distributor / representative of the manufacturer.

Ask the distributor / manufacturer of the product about the history of its creation and development – for example: who created the product, where and when it was clinically tested, where and when safety records were conducted, what models were produced in the past, and what models are planned to be produced, etc. Try to check received information.

Prior to purchase, obtain a contract with a binding offer from the distributor in which a detailed description and delivery is clearly communicated concerning the proposed equipment. Confirm training by a medical professional is a part of the proposal, as well as after sales support. The following documents must be provided together with a device:

passport of manufacturing plant,
user’s manual,


When buying a system with the “Metatron NLS” trademark with software similar by appearance and name to products of the IPP LLC, or at a price much lower than market price, or not from authorised representatives of the IPP LLC, or if any other doubts arise, it is recommended to contact NLS Australasia for clarification.

When purchasing a system from other manufacturers and with other trademarks, distinct from “Metatron NLS™”, containing however software similar by appearance and name to products of the IPP, it is recommended to contact us for clarification.

Should the price include training courses on system handling, make sure that the distributor / manufacturer, or any other authorized person has the necessary medical competence and experience to provide the training. It is advisable to obtain certifications from persons graduated from such training courses. The same rules are applicable for separate training courses, extension courses, etc.
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To learn more about the various models that offer diagnostic perspectives from Western, Traditional Chinese, or Ayurvedic medicine, please visit the models pages.
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Why metatron nls?

WHAT IS Metatron NLS Features ?


The Vector program combines features of many people’s preferences. Emotions, health issues, pains, and suggestions to a healthier you are some of the features included. What makes Vector different is the combination of many functions:

Biofield Imbalance Analysis:

Energy of a person’s core
Organ biofields
Pathomorphology energies
Microorganisms (parasites, bacteria & viruses)
Individual biofields compared to disease biofields
Geo-pollution pathogen biofields
Vaccination biofields
Allergen irritants
Food imbalances
Ninety metals
Biochemical homeostasis
Fears & Emotions
Biofield weakness
Impact on the environment
Implant energies

Biofield Balancing Actions:

Meta-Therapy, remedies by inverting stress frequencies
Homeopathy remedies
Bioidentical hormone energies
Bach Flower energies
Herb Energies
Phytotherapy energies
Bioresonance balancing
Inverting Vaccination frequencies
Therapeutic cosmetology
Crystal stone therapy
Stimulates & energizes
Organic preparations
Fears & Emotions

Remedy Analysis &/or Balancing

Spring Health
Tianshi group
Vision – Program 23
Art Life
Vita Max
Schussler Salts
Vaccine strains
Regena therapy
Nutricevtics & paraphaemaceuticals
Nosoligical forms

Alternative Health Evaluations:

Zodiac description leaning toward a certain health issues
Birth date helps the accuracy of the biofield analysis
500 names of biofield organs and organisms
Facial clues of imbalances
Tongue clues of imbalances

Main Analysis Functions:

Anatomy biofield energies 1 – 6 displayed
Red & blue display of hyper & hypo biofield charges
Etalon coefficients of biofield pathomorphologies
Entropy (disorder) analysis valuations 1 – 7
Vegeto test to indicate best coping frequencies/remedies
Micro-organism biofield analysis

metatron nls prix

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Where and who need the metatron nls?

Doctors and medical practitioners
Sanatorium resorts
Fitness centers and spas
Medical Clinics
Oriental Medicine Centers
Sports Medicine Specialists
Diagnostic rooms
Scientific research centers
Distributors of phytopreparations and dietary supplements

How Meta therapy work?

The cells from a tissue have the capacity of emitting bio-fields, with the same physical characteristics.
They resonate with great ease, thus a tissue or a functional organ is characterized through the synchronicity of its cells.
They can enter into resonance with any other interior or exterior
field, if their physical dimensions are compatible. These fields are malleable, hence their preservation and edification participates mostly to the dipole water molecules.
The limits of variability are thus not great.
Water molecules constitutes the essential elements in the edification and malleability of the cellular bio-field. These molecules are structural, yet their alteration in any way leads to the death of the cellular system, as a group “with a single element” from the crowd theory.
Through the influence of the bio-fields, water molecules can form spatial structures, which are engrams of the principle bio-field. Water can form as many engrams as fields that exist in the universe.
Isolated and photographed water crystals by Japanese researchers leave no doubt in this sense.
A similar structure acts as a liquid crystal containing the
information and the vehicle of information. The information contained in a water crystal can be “read” by any structure that possesses the capacity of recreating the initial generator field.
The decoding is a resonance process, while the resonator can be placed at a distance of the codifier.
The capacity of generating fields is general, but certain cells, such as neurons, possess a “high specialization”.
Some of these fields function at low frequencies, between 4 and 12 Hz.
The fields with frequencies over 150,000 Hz are just intuited and not characterized as having a physiological significance. The capacity of generating these fields is characteristic of all cells derived from the neural tube, including the endocrine cells. Homeostasis is genetically inscribed as a hologram in all the decisional areas of the central nervous system (CNS), somatic or vegetative.

From this point of view, any diseased state is a different hologram, outside the admissible limits of the normal hologram.An abnormal hologram tends to be corrected by the neuro-endocrine coordination. The incapacity of correcting, regardless of the cause (central or peripheral), leads to the appearance of clinical disease.

The afferent and efferent signs have intermediary states on their trajectory, which function as resonators. The primary signal interferes with the signals received from the resonators, the result being a modulation in frequency, of a wave impulse type.

The Metatron nls device intercepts certain characteristics of the biofield, such as the electro-magnetic type.
Thus, received information is compared with the stored data in the memory and suggests the similitude of modified fields in certain disease states.
In fact, the equipment performs a spectral analysis of the magnetic field of any biological structure.
The fundamental principle in the development of the equipment is as follows: the human organism has an informational electromagnetic imprint that is capable of interfering with external electromagnetic stimuli.

A tissue that emits a cellular frequency that is characteristic of the individual who is tested.
Finally, the system stabilizes the grade of similarity with a standard cell/tissue, healthy or pathologically modified.
The Metatron nls device also has the capacity of generating corrector fields that act as similar pattern as the ancestral ones, including the individual’s genetic code.
These corrector fields can have an action upon the following:

On the superior nervous centers and endocrine glands
On the resonators
On the cells, tissues and organs

Thus, the applied “electromagnetic treatment” can correct the electromagnetic behavior of the treated tissue, thus it can bring back the biochemical reactions to a level that corresponds to a normal tissue.


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